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Date: 10-May-2015
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May 07, 2015

While experts predict that the intensity will be less than in previous days, they do not rule out the wave height increases towards the end of this week as a result of subtropical storms in the southern hemisphere.

The Early Warning System (SAT) instructed port authorities to limit sailing of small and medium scale boats, especially during high tide, and called for restriction of water activities.

Tidal waves have caused extensive damage to shrimp farms, some of which have already suffered huge losses.

According to available data, several laboratories producing larvae were destroyed by the sea in Marcovia, Choluteca, El Heraldo reported.

So far, the companies that reported the occurrence of damage are Biomarsur, Oro Larva, Tropical and Granjas Marines.

According to Argentina Diaz, owner of Biomarsur laboratory, they lost four laboratories and a huge sum of money.

"I lost a whole laboratory where thankfully no [shrimp larvae] have been stocked yet, but the whole infrastructure was lost, which implies a millionaire loss," she regretted.

Shrimp is one of the main exported products from Honduras. Sales of Honduran shrimp abroad in 2014 generated a total of USD 252 million in revenue, representing a 9.1 per cent growth over 2013, according to official figures.

Undersecretary of Health Francis Contreras announced that the first scheduled actions include pesticide spraying to prevent mosquito spread, which can subsequently increase dengue and chikungunya conditions.

Source FISNews

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