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Date: 26-Sep-2014
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Cermaq has obtained permission to kill 180,000 salmon smolts at a facility in Finnmark  in northern Norway after the fish started ‘dying like flies’, reported the regional newspaper Altaposten.

Two-thirds of these smolts, 120,000, had died even before Cermaq started the operation, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority told the newspaper.

Cermaq is investigating what is causing the deaths, which comes just days after news of high mortality at a Grieg smolt facility in Oksfjorden, a bit further south from the affected Cermaq facility in Soroysundet.

The mortality at the Grieg site was blamed on the bacteria Tenacibaculum sp, and it is likely that the same bacteria is behind the deaths at the Cermaq site. Grieg has not specified how many smolts have died at its site.

Source: Undercurrent News

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