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Date: 06-Jul-2014
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Wednesday, June 25

ISA virus has been detected in two pens at the farming site Langøyhovden in Nordland, belonging to global farming firm Cermaq.

The detection was made through regular testing as a part of the firm’s preventive fish health strategy.

The virus was detected by Real Time PCR screening. The mortality at the site is low and there are no clinical signs of outbreak.

Cermaq Norway considers culling the fish in the two affected pens to prevent spread of infection to the remaining fish at the site.

Following ISA outbreak at other farming operators’ sites in the region, Cermaq has monitored its operations with regular testing and has informed the Food Authority about it.

The Langøyfjord site contains approximately 660,000 fish of an average live weight of 2.6 kg. Out of these, 173,000 fish (average weight 2 kg) will be culled.

The culling process is expected to have only limited financial impact.

The control of the fish at the site will continue and harvesting will be done in agreement with the Food Authority.

Source: FIS Newsletter

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