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Date: 05-Feb-2014
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MSD Animal Health announced today that it will sponsor this year's TriNation meeting, the international initiative on pancreas disease (PD), which is being held in Trondheim on 4-5 February.

The Trination initiative was established in 2005 with the aims to integrate and focus the activities of academia and industry from Norway, Ireland, Scotland and more recently other salmon farming regions.

"PD can be devastating to fish farms because it can spread quickly through the farm, resulting in significant loss of fish and revenue," explains Johan Kvalheim, Managing Director, Norway, MSD Animal Health. "We understand the importance of keeping fish healthy and are proud to partner again with PD TriNation to bring important data and educational information to the market."

In addition to the sponsorship, the company will host three presentations to highlight the importance of PD control. The presentations are scheduled for 5 February and are:

• Cross-neutralization studies with SAV subtype 1-6 strains – results with sera from experimental studies and natural infections and analysis of a combination of experimental antisera and sera from field outbreaks caused by known SAV subtype isolates. Results that will be presented showed the antibodies produced in salmon against SAV isolate of one subtype also recognize and neutralize isolates belonging to other subtypes.

• Contribution from vaccination and genetics in PD control – a summary of results from an experimental study where the contribution from vaccination with multivalent vaccines with or without PD-specific antigens will be presented. Results from the study and their implications for PD control will be discussed.

• PD Monitor and differential diagnosis techniques for pancreas disease – PD Monitor is a four stage support programme for the salmon producers in Scotland and Ireland. Audits of the vaccination process, pre-transfer checks, mid-production and harvest assessments are conducted to assess the efficacy of the vaccine. Results from the PD Monitor programme will be presented and the range of diagnostic techniques available to the industry discussed.

Attendees who are interested in joining the lecture, can visit or contact their MSD Animal Health sales representative.

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