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Date: 14-Apr-2013
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Hobart, Tasmania – Sixty people have fallen ill after eating contaminated oysters. All oysters produced by Barilla Bay Seafoods have been recalled from the market after health authorities pinpointed the outbreak yesterday. People who ate the oysters were infected by norovirus, a common cause of gastroenteritis. None was hospitalised over the Easter weekend but some saw doctors and went to the Royal Hobart emergency department.

It is the second incidence of contaminated oysters in southern Tasmania in a week, but health authorities say the two cases are a coincidence.
They say the contamination is not related to shellfish from Pitt Water, which was closed last week because of a sewage spill. Oysters Tasmania spokesman Tom Lewis said the two recalls were a coincidence. "To our knowledge there is no connection," Dr Lewis said.

Barilla Bay Oysters general manager Justin Goc said the company was working closely with the Public Health Director Dr Roscoe Taylor.
"We apologise to the public for inconvenience caused and the public will be informed on developments," Mr Goc said. The public is asked to dispose of any Barilla Bay Oysters bought from its retail outlet on or before last Sunday or Mures Lower Deck between last Thursday and Saturday. No products from the award-winning oyster company have been sold by Mures Lower Deck since Saturday.

Dr Taylor said the Barilla Bay oysters were harvested at lease 113 in Dunalley on the Hobart side of the Denison Canal. He said a survey of the area would be done today in an attempt to find the source of the contamination. "If people still have Barilla Bay produce in their fridge they should discard it," he said. People should also not collect and eat wild shellfish.

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