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Date: 04-Mar-2013
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A number of fish at the aquaculture facility in Owl's Head, N.S., died because of a recent cold snap, says Snow Island Salmon Inc.

The company could not say how many fish died.

The fish deaths have sparked concerns among residents who live in the area, but company manager Robert Taylor said the fish died because of the stormy weather over the past few weeks.

"We've had a provincial veterinarian; she was out on the site on Thursday.
She took samples of the fish and it's consistent with what we reported. The fatalities are weather related. They will confirm it later this week," he said.

"[The fish] have cold water sores. They have net marks on them. When they touch the net and the water temperatures are cold it removes the protective layer and some of the fish continually bumped into the net and that caused their death."

Taylor said the dead fish were taken to a rendering plant.

Snow Island Salmon Inc., is the Canadian subsidiary of Scottish aquaculture company Loch Duart Ltd.

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